Sonia Danielle Pledges to Raise $100,000 Through "WE CARE" Pins

Gem Star Inc. a Toronto based jewelry company under the brand has come up with a creative way to raise $100,000 for charitable causes. All while bringing the country together in solidarity for our front line and essential workers.

After months of sitting on the sidelines, they decided it was time to stand up and do their part. The result? A commemorative pin designed to help all citizens come together to raise awareness and display their support for front line and essential workers who have bravely battled and continue to battle the global health crisis.

The “WE CARE” pin as it’s called, incorporates all the elements summarizing the combined efforts of essential workers, front liners, and all global citizens. This pin was created by the CEO of Gem Star Inc. who as an entrepreneur and Canadian Citizen felt compelled to do what little he could support in the fight against this deadly and destructive virus.

The elements of the pins' design come together to display a message of gratitude towards not only essential workers and front liners but also global citizens who have come together by following the guidelines set forth by our governments. Ultimately listening to the strain on our front line workers and helping to flatten the curve so life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

The pin features a variety of distinct colours and symbols representing the efforts of essential workers and the global community as a whole. The heart is red and white representing the colours of our flag and the love of our country. The small burgundy spores represent the ever-looming threat of disease. The light blue border represents all essential workers on the front line. The dark blue colour represents the brave efforts of our doctors and nurses. The white angel wings represent those who have worked so hard to keep us safe, and yellow is the universal colour of hope. All these elements come together on this limited production commemorative pin.

The WE CARE pin should be worn by all who wish to show their support for the front line and essential workers. As well as to let the world know they did our part to win this war against an invisible enemy.

Help to reach the goal of raising $100,000 for charitable causes in support of the battle for global health by purchasing a pin for yourself, a family member or friend, or even your co-workers.

Note: All orders include FREE shipping to the US & Canada. As well as FREE International shipping for orders of 10 or more pins.

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