Why Sonia Danielle?

Why Sonia Danielle? 

As the savvy consumer gets educated about the jewellery industry, a smarter alternative becomes the answer. Sonia Danielle.ca has been researching and designing the best combination of fine jewellery styles and making them available to the general public at a fraction the price. 

We accomplish this goal by designing sophisticated jewelleryadding sparkling, high quality Cubic Zirconia stones and superior silver metals with the best tarnish free electroplating process. The end product is more than just a carefully and intricately designed piece of jewellery; it is a work of art that you’ll happily wear and share with family and friends.  

The advantage of Sonia Danielle Jewellery 

"Carry It With You Jewellery" 

As we travel to attend and cross borders, there's a rise of concern of jewellery theft and potential border crossing headaches with regards to possible duty tariffs and other fees. Although our jewellery may look and feel like feel like they contain very expensive diamonds, they actually cost a fraction of the precious stone. That alleviates concerns of travelling with your jewellery. 

"No Insurance Required" 

After spending thousands of dollars on diamond jewellery, you will most likely incur on going insurance fees as long as you own your jewellery. 

“Match Your Mood & Style” 

Ever wanted to match your outfit with sparkling coloured stone without breaking the bank? Now you can with Sonia Danielle’s Cubic Zirconia stones! Explore our wide variety of colours at the price want, also available in matching necklace, earring and ring sets 

if you have questions, please contact us by e-mail at info@soniadanielle.com.